Program School Level Admissions
Online MS in Biotechnology Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website
MSHS in Biomedical Informatics George Washington University Master Website
Online Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Informatics George Washington University Bachelor Website
Master of Science Food Safety Regulation Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website
Master of Biotechnology Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website
MSHS in Regulatory Affairs George Washington University Master Website
MSHS in Immunohematology and Biotechnology George Washington University Master Website

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New York is home to multiple options to study biotechnology and similar engineering or environmental/ag degree programs. Options within New York City such as Columbia University, York College, and DeVry University are some of the top colleges students chose to study biotech, especially at the bachelors-level. Other options outside of the city limits such as Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, and The State University of New York at Buffalo are reputable universities to study bioengineering and biotechnology.
With organizations like the New York City Bioscience Association that has over 250 associated members, New York is making a considerable effort to boost the State’s biotechnology credentials. Law makers in New York have worked hard to relax stem cell laws and pile investment dollars into this area.

There are some very impressive statistics that New York boasts when it comes to being a leader in biotechnology. According to the NY Bio Association, NY graduates more life science doctorates/PhD’s than any other state in the nation. Additionally, 60% of large pharmaceutical companies reside their national or global headquarters in New York, and the state is home to a quarter of the clinical trials in the US.

Schools with Biotechnology Programs in New York

Columbia University in the City of New York

  • Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology - Columbia University offers an excellent array of biotechnology degree options. The school's faculty is impressive and was won many awards for their contribution to the field. They university offers degree programs for students at all levels of the biotechnology field. The school is also dedicated to innovative approaches to education and providing original research to the biotechnology field.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Doctorate Degree in Biomedical Engineering - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has a great reputation and is located in Troy New York. The school's primary biotech degree offering is Biomedical Engineering and the program is offered through their Engineering department. They offer a BS, MS, D. Eng and a Ph.D in this field.
    The RPI BME programs emphasize a focus on functional tissue engineering, which encompasses the biology and engineering necessary to understand, characterize, synthesize, and shape the requisite mechanical behavior of living tissues.

Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Biomedical Engineering BS - R.I.T.'s biomedical engineering BS program is a five-year program, with 50 weeks of cooperative employment experience. In addition to the biomedical engineering core, RIT students can expect to study science and math and wellness education, as well as general education courses.
    Students have options of four areas of interest: Biomaterials, biomedical device and system design, biomedical signal processing, and physiological modeling, dynamics, and control.
  • Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology - The Rochester Institute of Technology helped pioneer biotechnology education when they introduced their first biotechnology program in 1983. Since then they have continued to break new ground in the field and produce highly qualified graduates.

The State University of New York at Buffalo

  • Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology - The biotechnology program at th eState University of New York at Buffalo starts students off with a core set of courses, but later allows students to tailor the program to their interests. The program offers a wide variety of electives and 3 areas of degree emphasis:

    • Forensics

    • Graduate/Pre-professional

    • Research/Technical

York College CUNY

  • Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology - York College is a part of the City University system of New York. They offer a both a Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology and a Biotechnology minor. The school features a great faculty and modern facilities that include cell culture facility, various microscopes, high-speed and ultracentrifuges; UV-visible spectrophotometers, a Phosphor and Fluorescent Screen Imaging system, DNA and peptide synthesizers, DNA and protein electrophoresis equipment, and a state-of-art greenhouse.