Biotechnology Degrees in Georgia, Online Included

Program School Admissions
Arizona State University Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food Systems
Learn in-depth understanding of chemical and drug synthesis, as well as how medicine influences human health at the molecular and atomic levels. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for health-related graduate studies and diverse careers in medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Biotechnology
6 concentrations: Biodefense, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology Enterprise, Molecular Targets and Drug Discovery Technologies, Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies, Regulatory Affairs.
Arizona State University Online Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences – Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology
Gain understanding of genetics, cells and developmental biology to prepare you for careers in medicine, biotechnology or medical research.
Arizona State University Online Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Gain understanding of structure and properties of matter to answer questions about biology at the molecular level.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies
Take the steps to become a pioneer in gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and develop innovative therapies for many health conditions.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health
Build foundational knowledge of epigenetics, human molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and individual genome analysis.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master of Biotechnology Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

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Finding the best Georgia biotechnology degree for you

There are multiple options for biotechnology degrees in Georgia, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Georgia Tech as a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, while the University of Georgia has a biotechnology program.

Schools with Biotechnology Degree Programs in Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology - Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering program at Georgia Tech is a joint effort between Georgia Tech and Emory University. Georgia Tech offers both a undergraduate and graduate program. The undergraduate program is only available at Georgia Tech and the graduate program is offered in conjunction with Emory University.

Palm Beach Community College - Associate of Science Biotechnology

PBCC offers students two different associates level degrees. An AA for students that wish to move to a 4-year school and an AS degree for students seeking more immediate employment. PBCC also offers their students high quality equipment such as:

  • Teaching Laboratory: Bio-Rad Gel Documentation System, Real-Time PCR Machine, Nanodrop Spectrophotometers, New Brunswick Shaking Incubator

  • Tissue Culture Laboratory: Sartorius Industrial Grade Bioreactors - Bacterial and Mammalian, Laminar Flow Hoods, Zeiss Microscopes - Inverted and Fluorescent

  • Instrumentation Laboratory: Agilent 5975 Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometer, Fluid Phase Liquid Chromatography-AKTA Explorer, LICOR DNA Sequencer with Microsatellite Package.

University of Georgia - Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology

The University of Georgia offers students a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biotechnology. This degree heavily emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the field and exposes students to a wide variety of material. Students will learn about everything from plant science to animal science and from forestry to food science. The program also offers a lot of hands on experience and should prepare students well for employment in the field.