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We have over 60 schools in our database that offer an associates degree in biotechnology.

The Associate of Science in Biotechnology degree is offered to students who either wish to enter the biotech field. It is an excellent degree to get into the field. Many graduates holding associates degrees work as biotechnicians or biotechnology assistants/technicians. These positions offer great starting salaries (just under $40,000 annual salary, according to the BLS), and are a really good way to enter the industry.

Why an associates degree in biotechnology?

Students decide on getting an associates degree mainly because of its flexibility. Students with an A.S. in Biotechnology can quickly enter the field in around two years, or they can use the degree as a “bridge” degree that can lead to a more advanced degree in biotechnology down the road. Many A.S. graduates in biotech go on to get their bachelors degree in biotechnology and some go on further to get their masters.

Schools with Biotechnology Programs

Amarillo College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Amarillo College offers students an Associate of Science in Biotechnology. The total course work requires 42 credit hours. This includes both general education and degree specific courses. The program is taught out of their Biology Department and you can find information on their faculty here.

Austin Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Austin Community College offers an Associate Degree in Biotechnology and several certificate programs. The School allows high school students interested in biotechnology to start taking courses that count towards their degree during their senior year.

Barry University

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Barry University offers their Biotechnology Program out of their College of Arts and Science. This part of the University has developed what they call "smart classrooms." These classrooms are equipped with additional multimedia tools to enhance the learning experience. The school also has 11 labs that are equipped for biotechnology and other science disciplines. Some students may be selected to conduct research with faculty at Barry University.

Bates Technical College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Bates Technical College offers two different options for Washington residents looking for a career in biotechnology. They offer both an Associate Degree in Biotechnology and also a certificate program for students who wish to complete their training at a more rapid pace.

Bossier Parish Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - There are few places in Louisianna to take courses in biotechnology. Bossier Parish Community College offers local students an opportunity to learn more about this exciting field with their Associates Degree in Biotechnology. Learn more by visiting their web site.

Butler Community College

El Dorado KS

Calhoun Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - To help meet the need of skilled workers in the biotechnology field, Calhoun Community College has developed their Associate Degree in Biotechnology to meet that demand. The degree is a 64 - 65 credit hour course that consists of biology and chemistry related general education courses, and ends with courses focused directly on biotechnology.

Central New Mexico Community College

  • NULL - Central New Mexico Community College offers one of the few biotechnology programs in New Mexico. The school offers students an Associates Degree in Biotechnology and students participate in an internship in a laboratory during the last term of the program.

Community College of Allegheny County

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - The Community College of Allegheny County is one of the largest colleges in Pennsylvania with over 30,000 students taking for-credit classes. The college was founded in 1966 and now has four campuses to meet the growing demand for their programs.

Delaware Tech

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Delaware Technical College offers an Associate Degree in Biotechnology but also offers students a great opportunity after they graduate. Delaware Tech has a partnership with the University of Delaware that allows students to extend their education and pursue a bachelors degree. The program is called the Bridges to the Baccalaureate program and is funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Delta College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - The Delta College biotechnology program is a joint effort between Delta College and Ferris State University. Students complete the first two years at Delta College and the completion of the two year program results in an Associates Degree. Students are then able to move to Ferris State University to complete the third and fourth years. Completion of this portion of the program results in a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology.

Galveston College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Galveston College offers a two-year five semester program that leads to the receipt of a Associates of Applied Science in Biotechnology. This is a good degree option for students who want to enter the workforce quickly and leave the option open to receive additional education in the future.

Glendale Community College


Great Bay Community College

  • Biotechnology Program Information - Great Bay Community College's Biotechnology department is nationally recognized and prepares students for both entry level positions in the biotechnology field and to continue on to a four year university.
    The program options availible at Great Bay Community College include:

    • Biotechnology Associate in Science

    • Biotechnology Professional Certificate

    • Biotechnology Academic Certificate

    • Biotechnology Certificate

    • Biotechnology (Associate of Arts Option)

Houston Community College


Iowa Central Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Iowa Central offers an Associate Degree in Biotechnology. The program focuses on providing a strong foundation of biotechnology knowledge and laboratory skills. The college has been involved with several biodiesel projects with private industry including the Two Million Mile Haul, a project that involved truck drivers using a 20% soy biodeisel blend, and other biofuel research.

Johnson County Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Johnson County Community College is consistently sighted as one of the nation's top community colleges. JCCC continues their pattern of excellence with their biotechnology program. Click the links below for more details about the Biotechnology program at JCCC.

Kennebec Valley Technical College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - The degree offered from Kennebec Valley Technical College will give students the basic knowledge they need for entry level positions within the biotechnology field. Students can also use this program as a stepping stone to a Bachelor of Science degree at another institution.

Lackawanna College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Lackawana College was founded in 1894 and has a rich and winding history. Since it is a private school, administrators have had to make many adjustments over the years to adapt to changing times. Today the college has expanded, has multiple locations across Pennsylvania and offers students a quality education.

Lakeland Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Lakeland Community College offers students an associates level degree in biotechnology. The specific program name is the Bioscience Technology program and prepares students for positions as laboratory technicians after graduation. The program also serves as the fourth year of training for students working on their Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology at Ursuline College.

Lehigh Carbon Community College


Lone Star College


Madison Area Technical College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Madison Area Technical College has a long history of activity in the biotechnology sector. The school offered their first program in 1987. In 2003 MATC added two certificate programs to their offering. The school is also very active in advancing biotechnology education across the nation.

MedTech College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - MedTech College offers students an AAS degree in Biotechnology. This school is smaller than many traditional schools and they use this to their advantage by offering a personal touch to their instruction. This program will give students a basic overview of the topic and will prepare them for positions such as a Laboratory Assistant.

Mesa Community College

  • NULL - Mesa Community offers two different Biotechnology programs. They offer a Certificate in Biotechnology and an Associates Degree in Biotechnology. They have also branched out and partnered with local high schools and Arizona State University to develop what they call their "2+2+2" pipeline. This program was developed to give high school students consistent and integrated exposure to the field of biotechnology. MCC also has a mobile biotechnology lab which they use at various high schools in the area. This is a great School for students to take their first two years of training or go straight into the work force.

Miami Dade College

  • Certificate - Biotechnology - Miami Dade is heavily invested in their Biotechnology Programs and so is the government. The school received over 10 million in grants as a part of Florida's Jobs for Florida's Future Program. The University features a great laboratory and impressive facilities. Investments like this will help sustain Florida's stance as major force in the field. Miami Dade features two different Associates Degree Programs and also two different Certificate Programs.

Middlesex Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Middlesex Community College offers a Associate of Science Biotechnology Technician degree for students interested in pursing entry level opportunities in research, media preparation, validation, quality control, documentation and process operations. The program is a 66 credit hour course.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Minneapolis Community and Technical College was founded in 1996 and is right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The schools was created as a result of the merger of Minneapolis Technical College and Minneapolis Community College. Today they offer a blend of both technical and liberal education.
    Their Associated Degree in Biotechnology provides students a solid foundation which can be used to seek entry level employment in the field or go on to pursue a bachelors degree. Students in the program learn basic laboratory techniques, instrumentation, basic computer skills, data analysis, documentation training, and an overview of regulatory issues.

    MCTC also has a strong relationship with many colleges and businesses within the Twin Cities. These relationships help students to either continue their education after graduation or find employment with area firms.

Mira Costa College


Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - The science department of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College offers interested students a great opportunity to learn the skills needed to gain entry level employment in the biotechnology field. The school offers a Associates Degree in Biotechnology at their Jefferson Davis Campus in Gulfport.

Montgomery County Community College


Mount Wachusett Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Mount Wachusett Community College offers two biotechnology programs for their students. They offer both an associate degree and certificate program. These programs are conviently offered in both the daytime and evening for students with busy schedules. Visit the links below to learn more about their programs.

Nashville State Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Nashville State Community College offers an Associate Degree in Biotechnology. The program offers all of the basics but also prompts students to learn and think about the ownership patent protection and ethical issues associated with biotechnology.

Northern Virginia Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - The biotechnology program at Northern Virginia University is primarily focused on preparing students for entry level employment with biotech companies laboratories manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies. Students can transfer their credits to other institutions but that is not the purpose of the program.

Northwest Iowa Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - In early 2009, NWICC received $1.7 million dollars as part of the President’s Community Based Job Training Grant as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The grant resulted in the development of the Midwest Bio Project. The project resulted in the creation of NWICC's Biotechnology Lab Technician program, enhanced skill training for employees of exiting businesses and high school pre-training. These initiatives have helped to boost employment, promote biotechnology training through NWICC and bolster Iowa's position as a leader in this field.

Northwest Vista College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Northwest Vista College is one of five colleges in the Alamo Colleges. The college was founded in 1995 to meet the increasing demand for career focused education in Bexar County.

Northwestern University

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Northwestern University's Masters of Biotechnology Program lives up to the standard expected from this well-respected university. The program is taught out of their School of Engineering and takes an interdisciplinary approach to the field. This integration of Biotechnology and Engineering is what makes this program different from many others.

Oklahoma City Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Oklahoma City Community College's biotechnology program is an important part of the economy in Oklahoma City. The city's government views biotechnology as a major growth industry and one they are making significant investment in. The programs can be used to pursue a bachelors degree, but are also designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment in Oklahoma City's growing biotech sector.

Palm Beach Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - PBCC offers students two different associates level degrees. An AA for students that wish to move to a 4-year school and an AS degree for students seeking more immediate employment. PBCC also offers their students high quality equipment such as:

    • Teaching Laboratory: Bio-Rad Gel Documentation System, Real-Time PCR Machine, Nanodrop Spectrophotometers, New Brunswick Shaking Incubator

    • Tissue Culture Laboratory: Sartorius Industrial Grade Bioreactors - Bacterial and Mammalian, Laminar Flow Hoods, Zeiss Microscopes - Inverted and Fluorescent

    • Instrumentation Laboratory: Agilent 5975 Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometer, Fluid Phase Liquid Chromatography-AKTA Explorer, LICOR DNA Sequencer with Microsatellite Package.

Piedmont Virginia Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - This program is a product of the partnership between University of Virginia the City of Charlottesville and the Weed and Seed Network. The program is designed for students that have an existing Associates degree and a strong background in math and science.

Portland Community College

  • Certificate - Biotechnology - Portland Community College offers several biotech programs that prepare students for entry level employment in the biotechnology field or allow students to transfer credits and pursue a four year degree. The programs offered are the Bioscience Technician Certificate program and an Associate of Applied Science in Bioscience Technology. These programs are offered the school's Rock Creek Campus.

Red Rocks Community College


Salt Lake Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Salt Lake Community College is one of the few programs in the state to offer an Associate Degree in Biotechnology. Students that complete this program and go straight into the 4 year program at Utah Valley University. These two schools work closely together to create a seamless degree transition and qualified graduates.

Seattle Central Community College


Shoreline Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Shoreline Community College offers students an associates level program and also a one year certificate program for students with existing scientific training. Shoreline Community College is also the Northwest Region Bio-Link Center for Biotechnology Education.

South Mountain Community College

  • NULL - Local students have a great opportunity at South Mountain Community College. Their Associates Degree in Biotechnology gives students a good overview of the basics of biotechnology and prepares them to obtain entry level positions within the field. The school has some other courses that support the biotechnology program such as biosafety and human genetics.

Southeast Arkansas College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Southeast Arkansas College offers two different options for students seeking a biotechnology education. The first is an Associate Degree level program and the second is an Advanced Certificate in Biotechnology. This second program is designed to give students who have an Associate Degree in a science field a way to receive training in biotechnology.

Southwestern College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Southwestern College offers an Associate Degree in Biotechnology, but does much more than that. They have made a big contribution to the field of biotechnology. They have started the BETSI (Biotechnology Education and Training Sequence Investment) Project and this program is dedicated to reaching out to high school students, teachers and other key people in their community to communicate the opportunities available in the field of biotechnology. Click here to learn more about this exciting project. Students enrolling at Southwestern College can be sure that they are attending a school that takes the field very seriously.

Tulsa Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Tulsa Community has numerous locations throughout Tulsa and is one of the larger community colleges in the country with over 16,000 students. They are also one of the top 50 community colleges in the nation in issuing degrees in the medical and health field.

University of Cincinnati

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - The biotechnology programs at the University of Cincinnati are offered out of Raymond Walters College. There are two different biotech programs offered out of this college. There is a Laboratory Technician Associates Degree program and a one-year Biotechnology Certificate program. The certificate program is for students with a bachelor degree who are looking to bolster their skills in the biotech field.

University of Delaware

  • NULL - The University of Delaware does not offer a specific degree for Biotechnology but does offer specializations in this area through their BA and MS degrees in Biology. Program Name: Associate of Science Biotechnology State: Delaware Average: Select ratingPoorOkayGoodGreatAwesome

University of Nebraska Omaha

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology out of their Biology Department. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an internship with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This internship is the result of a cooperative agreement between UNMC and UNO.

Wayne Community College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Wayne Community College started their first biotechnology program in 2008. The program is an Associate of Applied Science program and focuses on agriculture and animal science. This is a great opportunity for local residents and Wayne Community College is planning on offering additional biotech programs in the future.

Western Career College

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Western Career College offers students a technical education in the biotechnology field. For students that wish to enter the biotechnology field quickly this is a great option. Learn more about their program by visiting the link below.

Western Kentucky University

  • Associate of Science Biotechnology - Western Kentucky University offers a bachelors level program in biotechnology but they give their program an interesting twist. The program major is actually described as Investigative Biotechnology. The program includes the the study of bioinformatics and and engages students in problem-based, student-directed experiential learning. This is a great program for students wanting to start work after graduation and also for students wanting to continue on and study at the graduate level.