Biotechnology Degrees in Iowa, Online Included

Program School Admissions
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Biotechnology
6 concentrations: Biodefense, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology Enterprise, Molecular Targets and Drug Discovery Technologies, Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies, Regulatory Affairs.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies
Take the steps to become a pioneer in gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and develop innovative therapies for many health conditions.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health
Build foundational knowledge of epigenetics, human molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and individual genome analysis.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master of Science Food Safety Regulation
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master of Biotechnology Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

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Finding the best Iowa biotechnology degree for you

Schools with Biotechnology Degree Programs in Iowa

Iowa Central Community College - Associate of Science Biotechnology

Iowa Central offers an Associate Degree in Biotechnology. The program focuses on providing a strong foundation of biotechnology knowledge and laboratory skills. The college has been involved with several biodiesel projects with private industry including the Two Million Mile Haul, a project that involved truck drivers using a 20% soy biodeisel blend, and other biofuel research.

Iowa State University - Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology

Iowa State University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 30 academic departments and programs that prepare students for biotechnology careers in agriculture human health sciences industrial bioprocessing criminal justice bioethics and many other career areas.

Northwest Iowa Community College - Associate of Science Biotechnology

In early 2009, NWICC received $1.7 million dollars as part of the President’s Community Based Job Training Grant as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The grant resulted in the development of the Midwest Bio Project. The project resulted in the creation of NWICC's Biotechnology Lab Technician program, enhanced skill training for employees of exiting businesses and high school pre-training. These initiatives have helped to boost employment, promote biotechnology training through NWICC and bolster Iowa's position as a leader in this field.

University of Iowa - Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology

The University of Iowa offers a Biology degree, but offers a Biotechnology and Genetics Track for their Biology program. This degree track covers a broad array of biotechnology topics. Students that complete the degree will have the opportunity to obtain positions in genetic engineering, biotechnology and other related companies.

University of Northern Iowa - PSM Degree in Biotechnology

The University of Northern Iowa offers students a great biotechnology education experience. The entire operated out ofMcCollum Science Hall the Biology Research Complex and the Center for Energy and Environmental Education. They also offer extensive lab equipment and lots of multi-media tools. UNI also offers other unique features such as: Outdoor classrooms provided by the UNI Biological Preserves System 160 acres of native and reconstructed prairies and forests. Two greenhouses featuring tropical desert and propagating rooms. Scanning electron microscope. Summer classes at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory in northwest Iowa. A nationally listed herbarium with over 45 000 plant specimens. Insect collection with thousands of specimens.

Iowa has a surprising number of biotechnology programs and organizations in the state. This is largely due to Iowa being an important state in the development of biofuels. This interest in biofuels has largely driven Iowa’s activity in the biotechnology field.