Biotechnology Degrees in Illinois, Online Included

Program School Admissions
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Biotechnology
6 concentrations: Biodefense, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology Enterprise, Molecular Targets and Drug Discovery Technologies, Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies, Regulatory Affairs.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies
Take the steps to become a pioneer in gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and develop innovative therapies for many health conditions.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Online Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health
Build foundational knowledge of epigenetics, human molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and individual genome analysis.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master of Science Food Safety Regulation
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master of Biotechnology Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

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Finding the best Illinois biotechnology degree for you

Schools with Biotechnology Degree Programs in Illinois

Illinois State University - Masters Degree in Biotechnology

Illinois State University offers a robust array of degree options for prospective students seeking a career in the field. They offer several different Bachelors level Biology programs that offer some training in this area. They also offer a Masters Degree that offers several unique "sequences" in various areas of biotechnology. See the degree details below to learn more about this exciting opportunity. To see all of the University's degree options go here.

Northwestern University - Associate of Science Biotechnology

Northwestern University's Masters of Biotechnology Program lives up to the standard expected from this well-respected university. The program is taught out of their School of Engineering and takes an interdisciplinary approach to the field. This integration of Biotechnology and Engineering is what makes this program different from many others.

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - Bachelor of Science - Biotechnology

The University of Illinois offers a very unique program to prospective students considering a biotechnology career. Their program is a Bachelor Degree in Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. Students in this program will walk away with practical biotech applications that can be applied in agribusiness and in many other industries. Students would also have the opportunity to continue their education and pursue graduate studies.

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford - Masters Degree in Biotechnology

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford offers a unique opportunity for students who wish to focus on the pharmaceutical side of biotechnology. Their program is taught out of their Biomedical Sciences Department and focuses on biotechnology as it applies to medicine. Students in the program focus on developing pharmaceutical products vaccines and equipment for the medical industry.

Illinois has elevated their focus on biotechnology in recent years. While they are not one of the top five regions in the US, they are serious about making their state a force in the industry. Illinois has poured millions of dollars into biotech initiatives and is working hard attract agricultural biotech companies and jobs to the region.