PSM Degree in Biotechnology

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Online Master of Science in Biotechnology Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website
Online Master of Science in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website
Online Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website

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The PSM or Professional Science Masters Degree is a Master's degree that provides an interdisciplinary approach to biotechnology education. In addition to learning science and mathematics, students are also study business, management, and policy coursework. These approach prepares students for practical application of their skills in a wide array of positions.

Schools with Biotechnology Programs

Brandeis University

  • PSM Degree in Biotechnology - Brandeis University offers two program options for their students. They offer a PSM degree program which gives students both graduate level biotechnology training as well as professional and business training. PSM degrees are good options for students who want additional preparation for working in private industry.
    Brandeis also offers a combination BS/MS program or BA/MS program. The details of this program are given below.

California State University Fresno

  • PSM Degree in Biotechnology - Fresno State offers their PSM biotechnology program out of their Department of Biology and College of Science and Mathematics Department. The program follows the Sloan Foundation model of one third business and two thirds science courses. The program gives students a strong foundation to make good decision and understand the commercial viability of biotechnology projects.
    The university's PSM degree is designed for students who wish to enter the workforce after graduation. Students interested in addtional education after their graudate degree would be better off pursing a Masters of Science in Biotechnology.

Oregon State University

  • PSM Degree in Biotechnology - Oregon University offers a Master's Degree in biotechnology. This is a very useful degree for students who wish to make a real impact on the sector. The degree is advanced but still provides a lot of practical knowledge that can be applied directly to the field.

University of Northern Iowa

  • PSM Degree in Biotechnology - The University of Northern Iowa offers students a great biotechnology education experience. The entire operated out ofMcCollum Science Hall the Biology Research Complex and the Center for Energy and Environmental Education. They also offer extensive lab equipment and lots of multi-media tools. UNI also offers other unique features such as: Outdoor classrooms provided by the UNI Biological Preserves System 160 acres of native and reconstructed prairies and forests. Two greenhouses featuring tropical desert and propagating rooms. Scanning electron microscope. Summer classes at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory in northwest Iowa. A nationally listed herbarium with over 45 000 plant specimens. Insect collection with thousands of specimens.

University of South Carolina

  • PSM Degree in Biotechnology - The University of South Carolina offers one degree in biotechnology at their university. It is a Professional Science Masters degree in Biotechnology. This is a great degree for students who want to work in the biotech field in a business setting. The degree gives very practical training in the field of biotechnology.

University of South Florida

  • PSM Degree in Biotechnology - The University of South Florida Professional Science Masters degree is collaborative effort between the school's College of Medicine, the College of Engineering, the College of Business Administration, the College of Public Health, and the College of Arts And Sciences. The program gives students a broad education that combines both academic theory and a strong emphasis on practical applications.