Doctorate Degrees in Biotechnology

Program School Level Admissions
Online Master of Science in Biotechnology Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website
Online Master of Science in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website
Online Master of Science in Individualized Genomics and Health Johns Hopkins University AAP Master Website

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Options for doctorate degrees in biotechnology within the United States are limited. We only have a handful of schools in our database offering the program.

However, the U.S. is regionally covered. There are schools on the east coast, in the south, and in the west. Folks living in the Midwest can easily travel. Most people seeking their doctorate degree are open to move, and most are academics or professors that end up teaching and researching biotechnology.

Schools with Biotechnology Programs

Idaho State University

  • Masters Degree in Biotechnology - Idaho State University offers one of the few biotechnology options in the state. Their degrees are offered as areas of emphasis in their Masters and Doctoral programs. The program gives students access to numerous instruments such as: Automated DNA Sequencers, Ultracentrifuges, Electron Microscopes, High-pressure Liquid Chromatograph, Gas Chromatograph, Scintillation and Gamma Counters, CHN Analyzer Plant and Gas Exchange Systems.

Ohio State University


University of Alabama Huntsville

  • Doctorate Degree in Biotechnology - UAF Huntsville offers a Interdisciplinary Ph.D program that covers the basics of biotechnology and allows specialization in one of these three areas:

    • Structural Biology

    • Biomolecular Sciences

    • Bioprocess Engineering

    Students are also offered the ability to receive a MS in MS in Biological Sciences, Chemistry or in Engineering while working their way through this program.

University of California - Los Angeles

  • PhD Training Program - UCLA offers a great program for PhD students. Their PhD Training Program allows students to maintain their existing major while gaining expertise in the biotechnology program. The University has also developed a PhD program in Bioinformatics. This program is approximately 8 years old and features over 20 faculty.

University of California Davis

  • Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology - The University of California Davis offers an undergraduate BSc degree in Biotechnology and a Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology for graduate students in multiple disciplines. Students at both levels participate in cutting edge research internships either on campus or in any of several biotechnology companies in the area. Faculty in biotechnology come from a number of diverse departments, providing students at UCD hands on, multidisciplinary training in Biotechnology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

University of Maryland

  • BS, MS, Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering - Through their Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) program, the University of Maryland offers several programs designed to bolster the region's growing biotechnology industry. The programs offered by Mtech are:

    • Undergraduate, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs in Bioengineering

    • Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Certificate program

    Both of these programs combine the fields of engineering, medicine and biology. They are academically rigorous and offer students excellent career potential after graduation.